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KP Components Crossmember Bolt In 63-72 Chevy GMC Truck


Fits C-10
  • 1963 - 1972 Chevy Truck
  • 1963 - 1972 GMC GMC Truck
This bolt-in driveline crossmember is designed full size trucks. Designed to replace the factory rear crossmember that locates the factory trailing arms, this new crossmember offers several unique benefits. First off by replacing the factory crossmember that hangs down below the frame rails, you can easily raise your ground clearance and no longer worry about the crossmember preventing you from laying out. 

Also incorporated is a carrier bearing mounting location into the crossmember so you can split the driveline for a updated two piece design. This will allow you to retain the factory floorboard and rear cab wall from modifications that are required when running a single piece driveline and laying out. 

Plus this crossmember has plenty of room to run the exhaust through the crossmember where you were forced to go under it with the factory one. 

Comes powdercoated for a durable and lasting finish.
KP Components

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