AccuAir Air Suspension FBSS Kit eLevel iLevel VU4 Air Bags

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NEW iLevel WiFi Module (Sealed) to control your e-Level Air Suspension through an iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  • Your mobile device establishes a password protected WiFi connection through the iLevel WiFi Module to provide instantaneous wireless control and feedback from more than 100 feet away
  • Pop up system diagnostics with helpful trouble shooting tips built in
  • Intuitive system setup and selection of e-Level system features
  • Fully operational with vehicle ignition ON and operates in "Key-Fob" mode with vehicle ignition OFF (allows 3 height and "All Down" selection)
  • "Smart Sleep" function prevents battery drain for extended parking

And the following items:

  • Electronic Control Unit
  • Touchpad Controller w/20' of USB cable
  • Ride Height Sensors w/ Linkage
  • 4-Corner Height Sensor Harness
  • 4-Corner Solenoid Valve Harness
  • Main Power Harness w/ built in fuses
  • 5 Gallon Silver Tank
  • Viair 444C Compressor
  • 2 - Air Lift Dominator D2500 Air Bags
  • 2 - Air Lift Dominator D2600 Air Bags
  • 0-200 psi Tank Pressure Sensor
  • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware Pkg
  • VU4 4-Corner Solenoid Valve Unit
  • 1' Plug-n-Play Weatherproof Harness (for use with e/Level controller). Splice for use with any controller or switches
  • 3/8" Plastic Spare-Inlet Plug
  • Installation & Operation Manuals

e-Level Product Features:

  • 3 Programmable Heights, Lowered / RideHeight / Raised
  • Ride Monitor-Modeadjusts as needed while driving or parked
  • TruPositionHeight Sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load
  • Ride Height on Start gets you ready to drive when you turn on the key
  • Anti "Cross Loading" Technology gives balanced spring weights
  • TouchPadaccesses your 3 programmable heights and controls each individual air spring front and rear together
  • Key Chain Remote (optional) accesses your 3 programmable heights from up to 200' away
  • Automatically Calibrates to any Air Suspension System on vehicle without any User Programing
  • Straight to Height Adjustments avoid valve 'pulsing' and gets you ready to drive immediately
  • Manage Air Compressors for faster height recovery
  • Monitors Vehicle Voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) OFF at 10.5 volts to prevent dead battery
  • 100% Weather Proof for under vehicle mounting
  • Plug-N-Play wiring harness for ease of installation
  • Each system is 100% Factory Tested

The e-LevelElectronic Leveling System is the heart of any AccuAir suspension package and provides unparalleled technology and features. This second generation controller offers the ability to save three unique vehicle heights into memory at the touch of a button using TruPosition Height Sensors installed in each corner of your suspension. These three heights are then instantly accessible from the user interface. The key to this technology is its RideMonitor Mode; while parked or driving the system will maintain the vehicle height when loading or unloading passengers and cargo or when road conditions change while driving. All of this automatic intelligence is unnoticed by the driver providing a consistent ride quality for all circumstances.

Operation of the e-Level system is simple, yet its features are constantly working to provide you with the perfect ride-height in all conditions. Because the e-Level system utilizes height sensors instead of pressure sensors, changes in load are accurately corrected for. The adjustments made by an e-Level controller are so accurate that each wheel maintains its height within 1/8th of an inch and actually prevents cross-loading of air springs at a higher accuracy than any other method (Read “Air on Scales”). This is all made possible because the system calibrates to the vehicle upon installation and then learns how your air suspension behaves over time (similar to the technology used in today's advanced fuel injection systems). This flexibility allows the e-Level controller to be used on any vehicle with a wide variety of valve speeds and requires NO user tuning.

In addition to managing the height of your air springs, the e-Level system also manages your air compressor(s). A 0-200 psi sealed tank pressure sensor lets the ECU know the constant status of the air tank. This eliminates the use of a mechanical pressure switch and lets the e-Level system manage your compressor(s) more efficiently. Constant self diagnostics monitor every component in the system and notify the user if a problem occurs. The e-Level system also constantly monitors the status of your vehicle’s batteries and automatically turns the compressor(s) OFF if the system voltage drops below 10.5 volts.

TouchPad: For the ultimate in form and function, the intuitive TouchPad is the top of the line interface option. Handheld or mountable, the TouchPad is available in black-anodize or nickel-plated aluminum and gives full manual control of each air spring individually as well as front and rear air spring control in “pairs”. Saving and accessing your three preset heights is only a touch away and a clean yellow glowing ring around each button clearly indicates the current vehicle height. The “All-Down” button fully deflates the vehicle for parking. Every button offers a “crisp” tactile feel and is backlit with crystal white LED's for clear daytime and nighttime operation. A 16 ft mini-USB cable provides communication to the ECU and plugs into the TouchPad in either the bottom or the back.

All wiring harnesses are color-coded and Plug-N-Play for quick and error-free installation. Kit assembled to order and may take up to 10 business day before shipping.

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