AccuAir Air Suspension Leveling System Stage 1 Rocker Switch iLevel



  • iLevel WiFi Module to control your e-Level through your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch.
  • Rocker Switch Interface & Main Harness w/ built in fuses 20'
  • Ride Height Sensors w/ Linkage
  • 4 Corner Height Sensor Harness 20/20/16/16
  • Single High Volumn Compressor Viair 400c provides recovery time (110-150 psi) of 1 minute 54 seconds
  • VU4 4-Corner Solenoid Valve Unit provides responsive and reliable air spring control in a single compact, pre wired, leak free package
  • Anodized Aluminum 5 Gallon Air Tank prevent corrosion
  • Aluminum Air Filter prevents debris from entering valves to guarantee reliable valve operation
  • DOT Approved Plumbing Kit
  • e-Level4-Corner Electronic Leveling System

Product Features:

  • 3 Programable Heights, Lowered / RideHeight / Raised
  • Ride Monitor-Mode™ adjusts as needed while driving or parked
  • TruPosition™ Height Sensors provide accurate leveling regardless of load
  • Ride Height on Start gets you ready to drive when you turn on the key
  • Anti "Cross Loading" Technology gives balanced spring weights
  • Rocker Swith Interface accesses your 3 programable heights and controls each individual air spring front and rear together
  • Key Chain Remote (optional) accesses your 3 programable heights from up to 200' away
  • Automatically Calibrates to any Air Suspension System on vehicle without any User Programing
  • Straight to Height Adjustments avoid valve 'pulsing' and gets you ready to drive immediately
  • Manage Air Compressors for faster height recovery
  • Monitors Vehicle Voltage and automatically turns compressor(s) OFF at 10.5 volts to prevent dead battery
  • 100% Weather Proof for under vehicle mounting
  • Plug-N-Play wiring harness for ease of installation
  • Each system is 100% Factory Tested 

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