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Intoducing the NEW Slam Specialties SS Series Air Bag

Slam Specialties SS Bags

Slam Specialties will be offering the new SS Series airbag in 2009. This bag comes in all of the standard sizes and will have all of the same specifications as the current RE models.

Slam Specialties SS Bags

Slam Specialties SS Bags


SS Series Slam Specialties Air Bag

The new SS Series bag is a special combination of the newest technology along with the proven and tested high quality standard Slam Specialties design. These are a 200 psi air spring that features new impact-modified composite plates that give you a non corrosive, non-marring mounting surface.  For strength and durability they have chemically bonded Zinc inner plates with integrated bump-stops. Along with all of the other great standard features they retain Slam Specialties signature non-ballooning design and they are going to be available in all of the standard sizes.

The new SS series bag is a 200 psi bag that will have all of the same specifications as the current RE models.  However, this bag will be special because they have replaced the outside aluminum plates with composite plates. This means that with the substantially rising costs of metal and shipping, we are able to offer you a budget friendly option that still gives you the quality that you have come to expect when using Slam Specialty air bags. We know that people are hurting for cash in today's economy so we are happy that there is a reliable solution available.

The new composite plates will make the bag weigh less and give it a uniform look.  The bag and composite plates are both black which makes it cosmetically appealing.

I know some people will be worried about the composite plates, but the beauty of this bag is that the plates will have no affect whatsoever on the bags performance or structural integrity.  This is because the bags port is attached to the inner aluminum plate and it protrudes through the composite plate, so the port is strong and you won't have to worry about leaking or stripping threads. 

Overall, we are excited that Slam Specialties have come out with this budget friendly option as well as continuing to offer their other great air bags. The SS Series bag will be available in early 2009. Please contact us with any questions you have about this or any other products.

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